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The Future of Brachytherapy is a Partnership: Myriad Medical and C4 Imaging Introduce the First Positive Signal LDR MRI Marker Both a Seed Spacer and a Marker

Thursday, June 13, 2019

Myriad Medical, LLC, is pleased to announce a next step for the advancement of Brachytherapy in the treatment of Prostate Cancer, as the U.S. Representative for C4 Imaging’s SIRIUSä MRI Positive-signal LDR Marker.

The addition of SIRIUSä to the Myriad Medical portfolio brings together the possibility of post-implant MRI localization for both LDR Prostate Brachytherapy alone, and when used in combination with IMRT. This breakthrough offers the potential for effective treatment while minimizing the possibility of side effects by incorporating a MRI positive-signal marker for anatomical seed localization.

C4 Imaging, LLC is focused on developing innovative medical devices that enable clinicians to more accurately perform image-guided procedures. C4 Imaging’s patent portfolio is centered on its proprietary positive-signal MRI contrast agent (C4) and encapsulation technologies. For further information please visit

Myriad Medical, LLC, is a device leader in complication avoidance for radiation oncology treatments with products such as the Endo-Rectal Balloon, for IMRT and SBRT treatments that aim to improve the quality of life for patients by maximizing results while minimizing side-effects. For further information please visit or call 1 (888) 872-7940.

Learn more about this innovative partnership clicking here.

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