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The SANNA Foundation

The SANNA Foundation is a non-profit organization dedicated to improving access to healthcare for impoverished areas in Colombia. Through 50 years of armed conflict, violence and discrimination indigenous cultures and rural families have been displaced and marginalized. For the poorest people, the lack of access to healthcare creates a burden that prevents them from enjoying most things we take for granted – education, safety and the ability to make a living. Our approach is to tackle the problems by addressing Prevention – Diagnosis – Treatment.

Our areas of focus include:

– Prenatal care and birth process preparation

– Parental education

– Infant nutrition

– Infectious disease identification and prevention – Malaria, Tuberculosis, Dengue and Yellow Fever

– Clean Water Identification and access strategies

– Education about developmental stages, sexual health and reproduction, food and nutrition science.

– Independent epidemiological study of infant mortality, disease incidence, birth weight, fatal and near fatal accidents, heart related mortality and cancer deaths in order to present these findings to the community leaders.

About the Founders

Fernando Plata has been working to improve healthcare in the Orinoco plains, Amazon jungle and Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta for over 20 years. Involved in multiple projects – always thanks to the support of family and friends. He feels strongly that a fun and personal relationship with the communities will give back to supporters as much as he brings to these communities. This means that not only am I going to keep asking for your donations but also your time!


We are currently surveying opportunities for a mission trip to Baru Island. Better known for pirates and white beaches (the San Jose Galeon was sunk just off its shore in 1708), the small town of Baru (pop. 3,500) lacks regular access to clean water, sanitation even the most basic health supplies for its small clinic. The locals describe their situation as “not being allowed to get sick”. The closest hospital is a one hour boat ride away to Cartagena that is too expensive for most (U$D 350).

Please consider partnering with us on this mission. Every dollar donated will help bring sustainable medical equipment and healthcare services to the villages. Let’s change lives!

If you wish to contact our foundation, please send an email to